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Stamps Watches are a worldwide crazy. Mix and match to your mood with inter-changeable faces and bands. With over 100 different faces and a variety of bands there is a style and colour to suit your personality. Choose a face then choose a band… the only limit is your imagination!

All faces and bands are sold separately. Faces shown on straps are for illustration purposes only.

We endeavour to always have your selection in stock. However due to the popularity of STAMPS watches your order may be delayed by a few days due to our weekly stock replenishments.


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S.T.A.M.P.S. Watches have inter-changeable faces and bands, which allows for mix & match by mood, clothing or weather. They also have a reusable sticky back for sticking on computers, fridges, etc. Watch faces and arm bands are sold separately.

Mix, match, change your mood! Limited only by your imagination.

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